Our Mission

Flowmotion Digital specialises in Video Marketing.

Our mission is to provide small and medium sized businesses with the same quality of video production and video infrastructure, that until now has only been available to large enterprises.

We offer services that contribute to the delivery of video as a marketing asset, whether it be production, publishing, performance monitoring and metrics or infrastructure planning – we are passionate about all aspects of video marketing.

This requires a rare blend of creative and technical skill-sets to deliver video marketing campaigns and assets that have a measured impact on your business.

Our Expertise

We possess deep knowledge of the most popular video platforms including YouTube and Vimeo, enabling us to help businesses and brands harness video within their content marketing and broader commercial activities.

Our in-house production resources include concept development, script-writing, filming, editing, VFX & motion graphics and encoding. We pride ourselve on the provision of first-class customer service and work with budgets of all sizes.

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