Responsive Player Demo

Project Summary:




Visma wanted to demonstrate how automating financial processes and workflows can enhance any business, without going into detailed software usage, and in a way that communicated simplicity and efficiency.

The visual-style was produced by Visma and adapted for video to ensure a tight fit with the visual profile of The video is published on their websites in each market using the Vidyard platform to track engagement. A call to action is included to drive on-site conversions, whilst A/B testing of the thumbnails optimisies click-through rates.

Scripted, animated, composited, edited & localised into , Swedish and Finnish by Jason Falk, in collaboration with local Visma companies.

Art direction and graphics: Lina Aasgård – Visma Software International

Skills Involved

Filming:                Filmed using a basic consumer camcorder on green screen, using only available light.

Compositing:   Green screen key and some rotoscoping work in After Effects

Editing:                 Adobe Premiere CS5